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Baby’s First Year Milestones


Изданието е предстоящо и корицата скоро ще бъде заменена с тази на българското издание.


Baby’s First Year Milestones is a month-by-month guide filled with activities designed to support your baby’s development during their first year of life.

In twelve months, your newborn will transform into a child. To celebrate each new development, Baby’s First Year Milestones offers a practical month-by-month guide to understanding the major milestones in your child’s life.

In Baby’s First Year Milestones, child development expert Aubrey Hargis offers knowledgeable insight into the changes you can expect during the first year, as well as action-oriented guidance for supporting your baby during these essential periods of growth.

Baby’s First Year Milestones includes:

  • Clear descriptions of major developmental milestones for every month of the baby’s first year, including a checklist of all major milestones to help you track your baby’s development
  • Over 150 age-appropriate activities that are specifically designed to encourage learning at each developmental stage during your baby’s first year
  • Explanations and solutions for common problems that may arise during the baby’s first year, including feeding issues, sleep regressions, “stranger danger,” and more

With Baby’s First Year Milestones you’ll learn exactly how to help your child explore their new abilities as they develop, while having fun and strengthening your oh-so important bond.